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White Labelers at the Dublin Fringe

It's getting to that point. You've put it off long enough but it's time to set your brain to Fringe mode and attempt to sift through the bumper programme for the must-see shows.

White Label is here to help with a few biased recommendations. As a collective we're busy prepping our Dublin Theatre Fesitval event' (A)pollonia

but several of the White Label gang are also involved in shows in the Tiger Dublin Fringe.

To Space is a multimedia immersive performance that buzzes with new technologies. What is our attraction to space travel? What are we chasing - or escaping from? Scientist and performer Dr. Niamh Shaw finds out. The show is directed by Ronan Phelan and produced by Joanna Crawley.

Producer Aisling Murray is busy as ever. While touring Boys & Girls to The Big Apple, she is also producing two shows in this year's Fringe.

Advocacy comes from the company that brought you the award-winning Death of a Tradesmen. It's a new play about disability, other people’s shoes, policy making, policy taking, participating and walking miles.

Songs from a Carpark is a drive-in dance piece in a car park. An immersive show that blends dance, theatre, music and a local marching band into a unique theatrical experience watched from inside a car.

John Morton of the Devious Theatre parish is also double jobbing this year. The Devious gang are bringing their hit show Some Flood to Dublin. It's a play about the last man left in Ireland trying to survive after a very wet apocalypse.

The Centre of The Universe sees John turning director for one of this year's 'Show In Bag' offerings. The Show in a Bag strand has delivered its fair share of gems over the last few years and this show about a cult, starring John Doran looks particularly promising.


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