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There was a boy and a girl and somehow they met. Lily doesn’t get out much. Tom finds it hard to meet new people. And now they’re having their first date. Lily cooks a three course meal. Tom brings flowers and wine. On the surface, everything seems fine. But in the modern world, dating is a surprisingly complex thing with a lot of unwritten rules.

There are certain things you shouldn’t do on a first date.
And then there are certain things you shouldn’t do at all.

Taboo is a dark comedy that allows us to better get acquainted with the skeletons in our cupboards.

Cast: Lisa Fox, John Morton

Written by John Morton
Directed by Sarah Baxter
Produced by Lisa Fox and Stephen Tadgh
Set Design by Helen McGinty
Costume Design by Triona Humphries
Lighting Design by Maggie Donovan
Stage Managed by Sinead Heavin

February 15th - February 27th 2016

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