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Workshop with Akhila Krishnan

November  8th 12pm-2pm

120 min



Akhila Krishnan will walk the participants through a process of making video-content for different scales of show (from small to big as follows) :

a) Collaborations with musicians (MAP/Garden Music)


b) Working at the Fringe in 2014, on "The Dispute"


c) Working on a show with 59, e.g. Olympics, Great Britain, An American in Paris


Akhila Krishnan is a visual artist, film-maker and a senior assistant designer with 59 Productions. Akhila started working in video design for performance as part of the collaborative MAP project (Music, Art, Performance) run between the RCA and The Guildhall School of Music. Working in collaboration with animateur Rachael Perrin, she created a piece for the opening night of the Surreal House exhibition at the Barbican. Further commissions with the Academy of St. Martins in the fields and other organisations followed.

Akhila has worked with 59 productions on a range of projects. Her first project with the company was the Olympic Opening Ceremony (2012). In particular, she produced a special title card shoot as an option for the creative team.

She then went on to work with 59 on Night Train, a live camera theatre piece directed by Katie Mitchell. The work is devised using techniques developed by 59 Productions and Mitchell over many years of collaborative practice – and can be best described as creating a film live on stage.

Following this, she worked with 59 on The Perfect American (Madrid/London), a new opera by Philip Glass on the life of Disney and The Baroque Story, a new permanent exhibit at Hampton Court Palace.

She is particularly interested in exploring the relationship between material and temporal mediums, and in the politics of memory, history and identity.




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