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Narrative Technologies/Technological Narrations Workshop with Identity Problem Group

November 7th

10 am – 1pm

Wood Quay Venue


'narrative technologies / technology narrations' is a workshop presentation conducted by IP Group members: Łukasz Twarkowski (director), Bogumił Misala (composer) and Jakub Lech (visual artist). Its participants will explore how the emerging technologies and media practices can be used to form the new storytelling modes in theatre and performing arts. Based on numerous examples of IP Group's projects presented in various stages of their development, the workshop will provide the advanced technology tools such as Kinect, Oculus VR or 360° video and will explore their potential for producing the meaning, shaping the aesthetics and encouraging the creativity.


Identity Problem Group is an interdisciplinary artistic collective, combining visual and performing arts as well as dramaturgy with architecture, video and soundart. The group consists of Jakub Lech, Anka Herbut, Łukasz Twarkowski, Bogumił Misala and Piotr Choromański.


IP Group’s domain is improvisation grounded in devised theatre, transmedia activities, performance art, multimedia installations and film. IP endorses activities at the periphery of art and theoretical practice and discourse, opening up to various fields of creative thought and daily life, as well as focusing on the creative process expressed via methodological work, laboratory activities and artistic creation.


ŁUKASZ TWARKOWSKI (born 1983), theatre and film director, scenographer, visual artist. His creative work encompasses theatre and trans-­media activities as well as installations and site-­specific work within multimedia context that aims to expand reality.


BOGUMIŁ MISALA (born  1980), producer and composer, author of sonic arrangements for performances, theatre plays, animations, films and multimedia installations. Freelancer associated with the Polish electronic and experimental music scene. Graduate of the Philosophy Department at Wroclaw University.


JAKUB  LECH  (born 1978), visual artist, VJ, creator of animations, short film forms, and interactive installations. Graduate of the Graphic Design Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. He received his degree in 2003 in the Artistic Graphic Design and Professional Drawing studio as well as the Intermedia Graphic Design studio. Teaches at the University of Lower Silesia.



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